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Baltimore County: One Step Closer to Rodent-Free?

A new Baltimore County law, approved by the County Council in March, is taking aim at building owners who demolish before fully exterminating the property. Thanks to the new law, anyone wanting a demolition permit must first present proof from a county-certified pest control technician. Previously, the county trusted those applying for permits to simply say that the property was rodent-free. What does this law change mean for you?

Why Do Rodents Seem to Appear After Demolition?

While rodents aren’t necessarily all camping out in old buildings waiting to be torn down, abandoned buildings are more likely to host rat colonies as long as there is food inside. Places like foreclosed houses and abandoned commercial properties with trash and food left behind are prime locations for rodents seeking shelter and a bite to eat.

The previous relaxed legislation in Baltimore County enabled property owners to tear down properties containing rats. Once the junk and debris was removed, rats had nowhere to go but into other homes and buildings. While demolition isn’t the only reason that Baltimore County has a rat problem, the new legislation should help to cut down on their spread.

How Can I Stop the Spread of Rodents?

The best way to stop rodents from entering your home is by denying them access to food and shelter. Ensure that all holes and cracks are properly sealed. Never leave bagged or loose trash outside of your home or in the street. Rodents will always look for the easiest possible meal, so making their job slightly more difficult by placing your trash in a locked trash can will encourage them to look elsewhere.

Have a Rodent Problem? Call Brody Brothers Pest Control!

If you are completing a demolition or construction project, always contact the experts at Brody Brothers Quality Pest Control first to ensure that you are rodent-free. Schedule a comprehensive property inspection today with Brody Brothers Quality Pest Control by calling us at 410-653-2121 or contacting us online.