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Baltimore City Rats and Our New Green Trash Cans

As many as 210,000 Baltimore residents were thrilled to wake up to the delivery of their new (and free) city trash cans earlier this year. The green cans, which were paid for under a $10 million plan Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced last year, are meant to better control the city’s rat population and help prevent sanitation worker injuries. The 65-gallon receptacles are durable and equipped with two wheels, a tight-fitting lid, and a tracking device.

So, what’s the problem?

Baltimore’s Green City Trash Cans are Rodent Resistant – NOT Rodent Proof

The new trash can initiative is incredibly beneficial, but the population of Baltimore City’s rats is abundant and can be fierce. As unfortunate as it is, we are still seeing plenty of city trash cans chewed through by rodents. They are well-designed cans, but you will need to take extra precautions to avoid attracting rodents and other animals to the garbage on your property.

Follow These Tips to Prevent Rats from Chewing Through Your New Trash Can:

  • Never overfill your trash can.
  • Keep your trash can lid closed tightly in between adding waste (if necessary, use a chain and lock on your dumpster lid to prevent scavenging and unauthorized use).
  • Do not let standing water accumulate in your trash can (rain water, liquid waste, etc).
  • Store your trash can on concrete or pavement if possible.
  • Avoid storing your trash can on soil or grass (where rodents can burrow underneath).
  • Keep your trash can at least 18 inches away from walls, fences, and buildings.
  • If you have a commercial dumpster, make sure it has a drain plug installed at all times.

Baltimore City Municipal Trash Can Replacement Policy

If a rodent has chewed through your new trash can or if it is suffering from normal wear and tear, call 311 ASAP to have it repaired or replaced (as the cans are city property).

As we mentioned, the new Baltimore City trash cans have a built in tracking device – a radio frequency identification tag (RFID) to be exact. If you’ve ever had your trash can stolen before, this should come as a source of relief! In order for the Department of Public Works to provide a free replacement for a stolen trash can, you must file a stolen property report online at If you still have questions about the new municipal trash program, check this FAQ page.

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