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Rats can be a huge problem if they find a way into your home. They can chew through wood, drywall, and more, causing significant damage. They can also chew electrical wires, creating a fire risk, and they reproduce quickly, making the problem worse. More importantly, they carry numerous diseases, and they can contaminate your food with urine and feces.

For effective, safe rodent control in Halethorpe, you need a professional. At Brody Brothers Pest Control, we have more than 30 years of experience dealing with rodent and pest problems. Our rat control services can eliminate current infestations and prevent re-occurrences. We serve customers throughout the Halethorpe area, and we offer a full line of pest control services that help to eliminate rodents, ants, bees, spiders, and more.

Don’t risk your health. If you have a rat problem and need rodent control in Halethorpe, call Brody Brothers today at (410) 653-2121 or contact us online!

How to Determine If You Have a Rat Problem

If there are rats in your home, there will be a number of obvious signs, including:

  • Urine and droppings along walls, inside cabinets, and on countertops
  • Scratching or gnawing sounds from walls and cabinets
  • Damaged food packages and trails of crumbs
  • Tooth marks on plastic, wood, and other soft materials
  • Particles and shavings near chewed objects

You also may see the occasional rat, meaning there are likely many more. Rats can inflict a nasty bite and should be approached with caution.

What Causes Rat Problems?

Rats are attracted to easily available food and dark, cozy locations where they can build a nest. If a rat can find a hole to enter your home or make one through weaker materials like wood, they will gladly enter to seek food and shelter. They commonly pass through gaps around pipes, holes in the foundation, and damaged siding. They can even climb downspouts to enter through the attic or crawl up through sewer and drain pipes. If human food or pet food is regularly left in the open or the trash is readily accessible, rats will be encouraged to spend more time around your home.

How to Prevent Rat Problems

Once rats start nesting and breeding in your home, they can become difficult to eliminate. Here are a few tips that can prevent them from taking hold:

  • Seal all openings in the exterior of your home, even small ones
  • Repair damaged siding and trim trees that are near your home
  • Store pet food and bird seed in secure containers
  • Use secure trash cans to keep rodents out
  • Store bagged or boxed foods in plastic or glass containers
  • Remove trash and debris from your yard to prevent nesting

Sealing the exterior is the most important step to prevent rodent infestations and it can help with many other pests.

Our Rodent Control in Halethorpe

At Brody Brothers Pest Control, our rat control services are an effective and proven way to eliminate rats and prevent future infestations. Our experts will:

  • Identify entryways into your home
  • Recommended repairs to prevent entry
  • Find and treat nesting areas
  • Strategically treat rodent pathways and corridors
  • Identify attractants like pet food or trash receptacles

For safe and effective control of multiple pests, including rodents, insects, spiders, and more, we recommend our cost-effective Home Protection Plan, which features four treatment services a year and much more.

To learn more about our Home Protection Plan and our rodent removal services in Halethorpe, contact us online today.

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Rats are tough and surprisingly cunning. For effective rat control, it is best to call a professional, such as our team at Brody Brothers Pest Control.

To schedule rodent control in Halethorpe or the surrounding areas, contact us at (410) 653-2121 today!