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Residential Pest Control in Cockeysville, MD

Cockeysville, Maryland dates back to the early 18th century when it was settled by Thomas Cockey, and slowly but surely, it turned into the village of Cockeysville. No doubt, even those earliest residents dealt with some of the things we get calls for today in Cockeysville: yellow jackets, wasps and mice.

Cockeysville’s large houses and spacious yards are a dream come true for residents, but they are also the cause of some of the area’s most common pest issues.

Often, we see newer homes with attached garages that have gaps where the sheet-rock wall meets the foundation, as well as weep holes in the brick around and outside the foundation perimeter. These gaps offer nesting and entry opportunities for all kinds of pests.

Yellow jackets, wasps and mice can all build their nests in a gap next to a house. Builders tend to leave these gaps open, but one of our starting points when dealing with a pest infestation in a house like this is to seal up these gaps. We use a breathable material to greatly reduce the likelihood of pests.


Yellow Jackets and Wasps in Cockeysville

Although wasps and yellow jackets can be beneficial, since they are incredibly effective at keeping other insect pest populations in check, if their nests are in a place where they can easily be disturbed and attack your family, you should call in the professionals to remove the nest.


Wasps come in two groups:

  1. Social
  2. Solitary

If we’re talking about nests, we’re talking about social wasps, which only sting in defense; solitary wasps do not form colonies and rely on their venom to hunt. Yellow jackets are actually a well-known type of social wasp.

Wasp colonies start in spring by the queen, who builds a small nest. Once the workers she breeds take over the nest, the colony can reach up to 5,000 insects by late summer, so you could have a real problem on your hands if you or a pet accidentally bumps the nest.

Yellow Jackets

In comparison to other types of wasps, yellow jackets are ground-nesters. They make their nests in wall voids and underground cavities.

Yellow jackets are not quick to sting, but they can sting multiple times and when they feel threatened, they release a pheromone that tells others to attack.

A swarm can be deadly, so it’s crucial to remove them from areas where someone in your family might inadvertently threaten them.


Cockeysville Mice

A mouse infestation can be devastating to a family home: their urine, feces and saliva can carry Hantavirus, and they are also carriers of Lyme disease.

Mice can also cause fires by gnawing through electrical wires, they can damage furniture, and they can contaminate food and kitchen areas with their droppings.

Mice will take advantage of any small opening to enter your home, including the gap between an attached garage and the house.

Mice are relentless gnawers, and can even chew through wood, plastic, rubber, vinyl and insulation foam. That’s why it’s vital to make sure you have a professional seal any gaps in and around your property with appropriate, mouse-proof material.

Our Cockeysville clients typically notice a problem with mice when they hear them moving in the walls at night or early in the morning. Some of our customers also see mice droppings on kitchen counters or inside drawers.

Like other rodents, mice multiply extremely quickly, so speed is of the essence in dealing with a mouse infestation.

In addition to sealing any openings you see, you should also make sure to keep woodpiles away from your home, keep trash can lids secure, and store bird seed, grass seed, dog food and grains in air-tight, rodent-proof containers to add an extra layer of protection.

If you’ve seen any sign of a mouse problem in your home, or if you’ve spotted a wasp nest, contact the Brody Brothers. We will perform a thorough inspection of your home, seal any existing and potential entryways for field mice and other pests, and then discuss the most effective treatment plan with you.

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