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Pest Inspections in Baltimore, MD

When moving into a new home, one of your biggest nightmares is discovering structural damage from past or current pests. Before purchasing a new home, it’s important to schedule an inspection to assure that pests haven’t eaten away at the foundation.

What exactly does a pest inspection entail? If you schedule one with Brody Brothers, one of our professionals will come to your home and check for pest-induced damage. Our inspections are thorough and we will point out the damage and recommend what you should do moving forward.

Schedule your pest inspection in Baltimore, MD or the surrounding area by calling us at (443) 379-8857.

How Often Should You Have a Pest Inspection?

Many neglect scheduling pest inspections until they decide to buy or sell a home. Though this is a good practice, it’s very beneficial to schedule inspections on a regular basis. It’s recommended to have a pest control professional look at your property about once every 12 months.

If you live in an area where pests, such as termites, are common, you should consider scheduling these inspections on an annual basis. These pests can cause substantial damage, and your home should be checked for them more often.

Depending on the results of this visit, your pest control professional will advise you on when to schedule your next visit.

Would you like to start receiving pest inspection services through our home protection plan?  Contact us online and schedule your pest control service in Baltimore, MD or the surrounding area.

What Can Happen Without Regular Pest Inspections?

You may think you’re cutting costs by only scheduling inspections occasionally, but if pests become a problem in your home, it’ll end up costing you much more. If termites or other wood-eating pests invade your home and begin eating away at its wooden structure, it could become dangerous.

Termites can cause considerable damage—without calling in a professional, it can be difficult to spot until the damage is already done. Some termite-caused damage can cost you thousands of dollars to repair. By staying proactive and scheduling pest inspections regularly, you can save money and avoid these problems.

Avoid paying thousands to repair your home, call Brody Brothers at (443) 379-8857 and schedule a pest inspection now.

Why Choose Brody Brothers for Pest Inspections in Baltimore?

Our pest inspection services not only check for pests, but also make sure that if they do exist, they won’t come back. We offer a home protection plan that includes the following:

  • 4 seasonal treatments a year
  • Coverage of most common household pests
  • Emergency service and additional visits at no extra charge
  • Bee, wasp, and yellow jacket reduction services
  • Termite and bed bug inspections
  • No hidden fees or unexpected charges
  • Award-winning service from recipients of the Angie’s List Super Service Award for 8 consecutive years

Our team here at Brody Brothers promises exceptional customer service and quality pest control and pest inspections. Our professionals are knowledgeable about which pests are active in your area, what time of year they become invasive, and how to effectively eliminate them. Our Home Protection Plan ensures a pest-free home all year.

If you’re interested in our Home Protection Plan or scheduling a one-time inspection in Baltimore, MD or the surrounding areas, contact us online or call us at (443) 379-8857.

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“I have been with Brody Brothers for 5.5 years. Ari has been coming to my home for all this time. He does a great job. I hardly ever have an issue. He keeps us pest free which isn't easy living in the woods.”

Jessica Lubek
Owings Mills, MD

“Over 10 year. Service is always top notch. They are always on time and take care of any problems.”

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