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Residential Pest Control in Germantown, Maryland

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Nobody wants to deal with a pest infestation in their home. Besides their creepy appearance, they can cause numerous other problems including health issues, allergies, and property damage. Your home should be a safe and comfortable place where pests are a non-issue. When it comes to roaches, ants, rats, and other pests, time is of the essence.

Brody Brothers is here to help. When you discover a pest problem in your home, our team of pest experts can help you return your home to its previous condition with our array of Germantown, MD, residential pest control services. Choose our Home Protection Plan for the most comprehensive defense against all manner of critters and rodents.

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Types of Residential Pests in Germantown

No matter what kind of pests are infesting your home, Brody Brothers has the experience and resources to help. That means that we’ll take care of any size or quantity of pests that we encounter. Here are some of the most common critters that we have encountered in the Germantown area:

However, this is just a small sample of the pests that we can help remove. If your home has become infested with a pest not mentioned here, we can most likely help remove it. Check out our Pest Library to see all of the various invaders that we have helped remove over the years.

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Our Home Protection Plan in Germantown, Maryland

Pest removal is important for returning your home to its desired state, but what if pests come back? Preventing pests from entering your home can be just as important as removing them once they’ve made their way inside. Our Home Protection Plan provides comprehensive residential pest control in Germantown, MD.

The Home Protection Plan includes taking care of your current pest issues and utilizing preventive treatments to pest-proof your home for the future. We’ll send our pest control efforts to your home every quarter to perform inspections and seasonal pest control treatments.

  • Seasonal pest control treatments
  • Emergency pest services
  • Annual Whole Home Inspections
  • Great discounts on other Brody Brothers programs such as termite defense
  • And so much more!

Have questions about our Home Protection Plan? Want to sign up to protect your Germantown home from invaders? Contact Brody Brothers Pest Control now!

Why Choose Brody Brothers Pest Control?

When you choose Brody Brothers for your residential pest control in Germantown, MD, you become part of our family. We treat each customer and home the way we would want others to treat us—with the utmost professionalism, service, and attention to detail. But don’t let that fool you; we have no affection or concern for the pests in your home, and we won’t rest until we solve your pest problem.

Your satisfaction is our only priority and we’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Trust the experts at Brody Brothers to take care of your pest problem.

Our motto is: “We don’t just work in your community, we are your community.” So, let us help a neighbor out—call today at 410-653-2121!

Schedule A Residential Pest Inspection in Germantown

If you have come across pests in your home, time is of the essence. Contact the professionals at Brody Brothers Pest Control to learn about how to begin residential pest control in Germantown, MD.

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