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Ladybug Removal

Class: Insect
Other names: Ladybugs, ladybirds, ladycows
Color: Red, yellow or orange with black spots
Size: .03 inches to .7 inches
Diet: Aphids and similar sap-sucking insects
Predators: birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians
Hazard: More nuisance than threat, although large numbers can harm crops.
Interesting Fact: Contrary to popular belief, the number of spots on a ladybug does not tell its age. The number and size of the spots varies with the type of ladybird beetle.

Call Brody Brothers If You Want Ladybugs to Fly Away to Another Home

If you’re a gardener, you may welcome the sight of ladybird beetles, also known as ladybugs, in your garden. In both their larval and adult stage, ladybugs devour aphids, scales and other pests that can harm plants.

The beetles are actually harvested in some areas (like the California foothills) and sent all over the U.S. for use as a natural insecticide.

But ladybugs can be a nuisance if large numbers move inside your home in the fall, seeking out a warm place to overwinter. If you disturb them and they get stressed, they can excrete a yellowish blood that stains walls.

It’s fairly to recognize most members of the ladybird beetle family:

  • Red, yellow or orange in color
  • Small black spots on their wings
  • Short black legs
  • Small head with dome-shaped body
  • Black antennae

But don’t be fooled; there are some ladybird beetles that don’t have spots, and there are other insects that look like ladybugs and aren’t.

Small bugs with big appetites

During her lifetime, a female ladybug can produce yellow egg clusters, which she lays under a plant or stem close to mites or other food sources. The insects hatch into alligator-shaped, dark grey and orange larvae. They go through a pupa stage before emerge as adults and live for about a year.

Ladybird beetles are voracious eaters: larvae can eat up to 400 aphids and adult ladybugs can devour more than 5,000 aphids during their lifetime.

Ladybugs emit a strong odor and their bright color helps keep predators away. But they are a food source for several creatures, including:

  • Birds such as martins, swallows, swifts and crows
  • Other insects, including dragonflies, ants and wasps
  • Reptiles, including anoles
  • Amphibians like tree frogs

You can remove ladybugs inside your home by vacuuming them up. But if you have a particularly bad problem, give Brody Brothers a call. We can help ensure that the home that the ladybird flies to won’t be yours.

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