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German Cockroach Exterminators

Class: insect
light brown to olive green
 1/2 – 5/8″
Legs: 6
omnivorous, anything that contains organic materials
Natural Predators:
toads, frogs and some beetles
spread bacteria, may cause asthma
Interesting Fact: 
Roaches are thigmotropic, which means they like feeling pressure on their bodies so they live in tight cracks and crevices.

German Cockroach – the Number One Roach in Maryland

No wonder these pesky pests can become a real problem real quick: they are excellent scavengers, eat almost anything and can produce up to six generations in one year!

Unlike many other pests that move indoors only as outdoor conditions become less hospitable, German Cockroaches actually prefer living indoors.

They hide in warm and humid areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, coming out at night to look for food. Dirty dishes in the sink and crumbs on the floor are more than enough for these pests – they can survive on furniture glue and soap in the cleanest of homes.

Prevent German Cockroaches from Getting in

German roaches are most commonly brought in with boxes, grocery bags and other items from infested homes or commercial establishments, like day care centers. Commercial kitchens and restaurants also provide perfect living conditions for German roaches.

To keep them out, follow these tips:

  • Check any boxes and bags you bring from grocery stores or that are shipped to your home.
  • Inspect knapsacks and lunch bags when kids are coming back from day care.
  • If you have cleaning help, make sure they use your own cleaning equipment.
  • Don’t buy second-hand furniture or appliances.

Why it’s Important to Get Rid of Cockroaches as Soon as Possible

Sometimes, no matter how cautious you are, cockroaches find their way in. In this case, don’t wait until the situation gets bad – call your local Maryland pest control expert at the first signs of infestation.

If you see them running on your kitchen floor or find odd brown egg casings in your basement, your home is already infested.

Cockroaches carry bacteria and can easily infect any food that’s been sitting out, as well as the food prep areas.

Aggravated asthma symptoms in one of your family members can also be a sign of trouble, as cockroaches are known to be asthma triggers.

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