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American Cockroach Exterminators

Class: insect
Other names: palmetto bug
brown to reddish brown
Legs: 6
leaves, fungi, algae and spills of human and pet food indoors.
Natural Predators:
toads, frogs and some beetles
may carry bacteria and worms
Interesting Fact: 
American cockroaches are often attracted to alcoholic beverages, especially if the beverage is mixed with hops and sugar, like beer.

American Cockroaches: large, hungry and able to fly

American Cockroaches, also known as palmetto bugs in the south, are fairly large insects about two inches in length. Unlike the name suggests, they actually originate from Africa, which explains their preference of the warmer climates.

In Maryland, American Cockroaches live outdoors in warm, humid areas such as under mulch or in wood piles.

As their outdoor food (leaves, fungi, algae and other organic matter) becomes scarce, they may invade our homes and commercial properties. Baltimore City restaurants and other food processing and disposal areas offer plenty of food and shelter for these cockroaches to thrive and reproduce into plague-like populations.

They spread filth everywhere they travel

Don’t waste your time if you see an American Cockroach on your residential or commercial property.

These reddish brown insects are known to carry and spread at least 30 different kinds of bacteria, infecting food and food preparation areas. They often travel through sewers and drains where they may pick up parasitic worms.

Here is how you know if you have American Cockroaches:

  • Live sightings of the insects – they can move fast looking for a hiding spot.
  • Small droppings with blunt edges in dark areas, such as behind appliances.
  • Dark-colored egg capsules stashed in inconspicuous places.

Where there’s one – there’s many. Call Brody Brothers and you won’t have any!

Contact Brody Brothers to take care of your cockroach problem. We understand that these pests pose a big inconvenience and health risk to you, your employees and customers. Our experts will work with you and your schedule to come up with the best solution.

Meanwhile, here is what you can do to discourage American Cockroaches from invading your home or business:

  • Make sure all drains, including the basement bathrooms, have clean water in them.
  • Make sure the crawl space is well-ventilated and dry.
  • Place dehumidifiers in humid areas.
  • Seal all openings around the outside of the building.
  • Clean any pet waist or pet food outside the home or in the yard right away.
  • Solve any standing water issues in your yard or basement.
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