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Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control in Baltimore, MD

What is your pest treatment approach?
What is our success rate on pest treatment?
What specific pesticides will you apply and are they safe?
Will my family need to leave the house during pest treatment?
What if I keep seeing pests? Do you offer warranty or guaranties?
What does a tech look for when inspecting my home?
*Does a tech need to treat the inside and outside of my home on every quarterly pest visit?
Are you licensed and insured?


What is your pest treatment approach?

We conduct an inspection, assessment and design a targeted plan based on our IPM – Integrated Pest Management approach. IPM uses current pest control methods to eliminate pests with the lowest possible hazard to people, your property and the environment.

The treatment we suggest would depend on many factors, such as your location, the pest’s habits and lifecycle, time of the year, as well as any unique circumstances. We offer tailored solutions to each customer and apply the least toxic, yet effective treatments first. The safety of your family, children and pets is our #1 priority.


What is our success rate on pest treatment?

Brody Brothers Pest Control has been family-owned and operated for more than 30 years with experience you can count on. Your pest issues will be well taken care of.

We have the right products and services to fit all your home or business needs.  If you are looking for a reliable pest management company to help keep pests away year around, take a look at our home protection plan.


What specific pesticides will you apply and are they safe?

We use the most effective and least toxic products that will solve your pest problem. We have a variety of materials in our arsenal, including natural and reduced risk products, but there is no single, universal product that we use – it all depends on the pest and other circumstances.

It’s important to note that there is no pesticide that is non-toxic. If there was, it wouldn’t kill any pest.  However, we do our best to minimize your exposure to toxins and indoor air pollution, while doing our job effectively.


Will my family need to leave the house during pest treatment?

On rare occasions and only with certain pests (bed bugs or fleas), could there be a need for family members to leave the home. In most situations you can stay.


What does a tech look for when inspecting my home?

Everything.  When we perform an inspection, we are not just looking for pests but also for the places where they live and feed. For a successful treatment it’s important to identify any conditions that would support or attract a pest.

Some of the indoor areas we might inspect include underneath dishwashers, behind stoves, unfinished parts of the home like crawl spaces, attics, basements, garages and any other areas of concern.

While inspecting the exterior perimeter of your home, we specifically look for pest entry points that we can seal up. We also inspect secondary areas like sheds, pools, mulch beds, play sets, mail boxes or any other area that could be a problem.


*Does a tech need to treat the inside and outside of my home on every quarterly pest visit?

Generally no. We perform quarterly service to help prevent pests that might be tempted to enter your home due to seasonal weather changes in Maryland. This helps us stop the pest infestation before the issue gets worse.

We recommend that the interior is checked once a year for any pests, especially termites.  This service is usually performed in the winter months when pest pressure is low outside and it gives our technician time to take a good look at the interior of your home.

We understand that each home is different, and we’ll be happy to tailor a plan to better meet your needs.

*Only for customers on our home protection plan

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured. All of our technicians are licensed by the State of Maryland and Quality Pro certified.

All have had a criminal background check and ongoing drug tests are performed. They have gone through a full-time, 2-month training program and continue to receive an ongoing training, complete with bi-weekly testing.

Most importantly, our technicians are people who care about others and are pleasant to deal with. Are you on Angie’s List? Brody Brothers has been awarded Angie’s List Super Service Award 9 different times! Take a look at our reviews and learn why your neighbors trust our service.

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“I have been with Brody Brothers for 5.5 years. Ari has been coming to my home for all this time. He does a great job. I hardly ever have an issue. He keeps us pest free which isn't easy living in the woods.”

Jessica Lubek
Owings Mills, MD

“Over 10 year. Service is always top notch. They are always on time and take care of any problems.”

Larry Goldberg
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“We have been using Brody Pest control for about 40 years! We were always very satisfied by their service, always on time and very pleasant and knowledgeable.”

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“We have been using Brody Brothers for around 5 years and we love that they are personal and they will keep coming back until a problem is resolved.”

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