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Pavement Ants

Class: insect
 dark brown to black
almost anything, but prefer protein
may contaminate food
Interesting Fact: 
Pavement ants undergo complete metamorphosis, passing through the egg, larval and pupal stages before becoming mature adults.

These Pests Are Harmless But Still A Nuisance

You’ve probably seen pavement ants at least once in your life – they are rather small, blackish in color and like to make nests in pavement cracks, hence the name. They are not picky eaters, but prefer a diet rich in protein. Pavement ants in Maryland are quite content outside, but may move indoors if they find an access. In your home, they typically stay on the ground level and nest under the floors, inside the walls and insulation, particularly in sunrooms.

Pavement ants will feed on the crumbs on your kitchen floor, food debris around your pet’s bowls and may even climb on the kitchen counter, contaminating your food preparation surfaces.

Our Team of Pest Exterminators Can Help

Pavement ant colonies tend to be small, but a professional pest exterminator in Maryland still might be necessary to effectively get rid of the infestation. Our pest control experts know the habits and biology of pavement ants and can identify how the ants are getting inside your house. Once our team of pest exterminators seals and treats all of the weak points inside your home, they’ll continue to eliminate ant populations outside of your house as well.

To Keep Pavement Ants Out, Follow These Basic Rules

  • Keep pet’s food bowls and surrounding areas clean.
  • Keep food debris off the floor or maintain a clean floor.
  • Clean up spills, especially grease, right away.

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