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Bee & Wasp Removal


Bee And Wasp Control

Do you have a problem with bees and wasps? If you have a bee or wasp nest on your property you should leave them alone if at all possible.  If you must remove the nest,  it’s not an easy task, call Brody Brothers today for help!

Call on your Friendly Experts

We are a family owned and operated pest control and extermination service, now on its second generation of friendly experts. This invaluable experience and knowledge passed from father to son has helped us become one of the most trusted beehive and wasp nest removal company in the area. When you’ve got unwanted stinging pests in or around your home, Brody Brothers should be your first and last call!

What You Need To Know About Bee And Wasp Removal & Other Stinging Pests

There are hundreds of species of bees throughout the United States, many of which can be found in the Baltimore & Montgomery County area. While they can be quite beneficial, pollinating numerous crops that humans depend on, such as peaches and apples, they can also deliver a painful sting when threatened. Additionally, for those who are allergic, a bee sting can be quite dangerous.

If you have a bee or other stinging pests problem outside of your Maryland home, our friendly experts at Brody Brother Pest Control can help. We have the training and experience to enact safe, effective pest control methods that will reduce or eliminate your bee or wasp problem quickly. If you are in need of bee, or wasp nest removal services don’t hesitate to call!

What Causes Bee Problems?

Many bees, including honey bees and ground bees, are attracted to sweet smells, much like the flowers they pollinate. If you use sweet fragrances outdoors, such as perfumes or candles, or you allow sweet beverages like sodas or sweet foods to go unattended, bees may be attracted to your property. Once there, they can often find a convenient place to nest, such as a wood pile, your home’s attic rafters, or a hole in the exterior leading to a wall cavity. Carpenter bees are especially attracted to wood and can cause significant damage to your home. In dry areas, bees are also drawn to sources of water.

If you have a nest of hornets on your property you should leave them alone if at all possible. If you are thinking of removing the nest, it’s not an easy job. You’d have to:

  • Locate the nest during the day to find the location of its hole
  • Cover  yourself carefully with heavy, protective clothing
  • Apply a do it yourself product that may only make matters worse!

A much easier and safer way to handle the problem is to call Brody Brothers. We have the equipment and the experience that will ensure that your hornet problem is taken care of quickly and properly.

Important Facts To Know About Bees And Wasps

What Types Of Bees & Wasps do We see in Maryland?

If you live in the Baltimore, MD area, these are some of the most important types of bees and wasps to be aware of:

hornets nest Hornets

While they have a similar appearance to bees, they actually are a wasp. In general, they are considered to be pests, and they can be quite aggressive. However, the European hornet is somewhat less aggressive.

They are around an inch to an inch and a half long, and the color pattern varies. European hornets have a reddish brown upper abdomen, thorax, and head. However, the bald-faced hornet look similar to yellowjackets, but they have whitish markings on the abdomen, thorax, and face. Contact us today for hornet nest removal, our hornet nest removal services are quick and effective!

 Yellow Jackets

yellow jackets wasps nestThe yellow jacket is a type of wasp, and they tend to be fairly aggressive. In most cases, they have a black and yellow color pattern that is quite distinctive. However, not all of them have this pattern. In fact, some of them are red and black, and others are black and white. They are fairly small, and only around half an inch long. The queen is somewhat longer with a length of around 0.75 inches.

carpenter beeCarpenter Bees

These  bees can cause serious damage to your home if you do not seek carpenter bee treatment, and that’s because they burrow into the wood of your house. They have a distinct appearance, and their abdomen is black in color. However, their thorax and head is yellow. The insects can sting, but they typically do not do so unless they are threatened. Get in touch with us today for bee removal.

Paper Waspspaper wasps nest

There are many different types of these wasps, and their color pattern varies considerably. They’re usually not particularly aggressive, and they can have a mahogany or reddish color. However, others have yellow and black markings.

ground beeGround Bees And Ground Wasps

The term “ground bees” can be used to describe any bee (or wasp) that burrows beneath the soil and makes a nest underground. Commonly, ground bees are wasps, bumble bees, miner bees, or sweat bees. Yellowjackets are a form of ground wasp, and they’re aggressive enough to warrant immediate wasp removal. However, other species are generally not aggressive toward humans. Eastern cicada killers can cause damage to lawns, and sometimes can be considered as pests.

The cicada killer has a black abdomen with yellow markings, and the wings have an orange tint. They are around an inch and a half long. The great golden digger wasp is around an inch long, and it’s black and orange in color.

Bumble Bees

The bumblebee has a large and plump appearance and is also fuzzy. This type of insect is black and yellow in color, and they do not tend to sting unless they feel threatened. Contact us for bee removal today!


Prevention & Tips

How To Prevent Bee & Wasps In Maryland

When possible, it is best to avoid causing harm to bees by discouraging them from entering your home in the first place. Several diseases have greatly reduced the bee population, threatening their ability to pollinate our crops consistently. Some things you can do to prevent bee problems and infestations include:

  • Avoid using sweet fragrances, especially outdoors.
  • Dispose of leftover food and drinks after outdoor activities.
  • Clear yard debris that could provide suitable nesting locations.

Most bees will not sting unless threatened, but by discouraging them from loitering around your home, you can greatly reduce the chances of contact.


Our Bee Removal Services In The Baltimore & Montgomery County, MD Area

Bees can be difficult to control once they have started nesting in or near your home or business. At Brody Brothers Pest Control, we can safely and effectively control bee populations, virtually eliminating the problem. With our bee removal in Maryland, our experts will:

  • Find and treat nesting areas or hives.
  • Locate entry points and seal them.
  • Identify flowers, foods, and other attractants that should be removed.
  • Recommend more in-depth repairs to keep bees out of your buildings.

For long-term control of bees and other pests, we recommend our convenient and affordable Home Protection Plan. It provides quarterly visits to control a variety of pests, including mice, ants, bees, spiders, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our bee removal in Baltimore & Montgomery County, MD.

How Common Is It To Be Allergic To The Stings?

Allergies to bee and wasp stings are much more common than many people realize, and these reactions can be quite serious. Not only can they result in localized swelling, but in some cases, allergic reactions to bee and wasp stings can be systemic in nature. This can result in severe symptoms or even death.

Furthermore, individuals are not necessarily allergic to bees or wasps the first time they get stung, and there are a variety of reasons for this. One reason for this is that there are slight differences in the venom of different insects, and also many people only become allergic to bees and wasps after they have been sensitized to the sting.

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