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Tick Tubes

The tactical field mouse

Tick tubes are small camouflaged tubes placed strategically and unobtrusively around your yard. They are filled with cotton swabs saturated with a type of permethrin, which is a natural substance derived from flowers that carries a relatively low toxicity and a very low risk to people and pets. mice, or field mice, which are common in Maryland, use these cotton swabs as building material for their nests and are generally not harmed by the permethrin, but the hidden product kills ticks that are on the field mice and in their nests. Tick tubes are a practical method of tick control because they involve no spray at all and kill ticks at an early stage. Ticks go through four stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, nymph, and adult. Usually, only adult ticks attach themselves to humans and other large mammals (such as pets) to feed, while ticks still in the nymph stage often engorge themselves into smaller animals such as mice. When the younger nymph ticks try to feed off of field mice covered in permethrin, they die, thereby potentially killing off a large number of young ticks before they grow into adults and become a threat to humans.

As stated above, although barrier treatment is mainly intended for mosquito control, it conveniently has the added benefit of reducing the number of ticks in your yard as well. However, if you want us to provide additional protection for your family against ticks we encourage you to add tick tubes to your barrier treatment plan.

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