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Cheryl White

Brody Brothers is the best exterminator that I know of. What sets them apart from the others is the fact that they will not only inspect your home when you have a problem with mice, but they actually seal up any openings mice could be using to enter your home. This results in eliminating the mice rather than just killing them, only to have an ongoing problem. All the employees that I have spoken to, or had come to my home, are professional and friendly. I highly recommend Brody Brothers.

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“I have been with Brody Brothers for 5.5 years. Ari has been coming to my home for all this time. He does a great job. I hardly ever have an issue. He keeps us pest free which isn't easy living in the woods.”

Jessica Lubek
Owings Mills, MD

“Over 10 year. Service is always top notch. They are always on time and take care of any problems.”

Larry Goldberg
Reisterstown, MD

“We have been using Brody Pest control for about 40 years! We were always very satisfied by their service, always on time and very pleasant and knowledgeable.”

Morris & Greta Lasson
Baltimore, MD

“We have been using Brody Brothers for around 5 years and we love that they are personal and they will keep coming back until a problem is resolved.”

Michal Kovacs
Pikesville, MD