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Susan Coleman

This was a one time issue. We are not regular customers.

Joe Chen

We been using the service for 3 years now. They do an excellent job – with quick response time and always friendly staff.

Randy & Melissa Komenski

Several years. We have an annual contract. Some trouble with ants, but the team is being great at getting to route of it. Would definitely recommend to colleagues and friends!

Laura & Robin Boydston

We’ve used Brody Brothers for 7 years and recommend them to everyone.

Halane&Binyomin Field

We’ve been using Brody Pest Control for around 20 years and have always been happy with the fact that in addition to the regular visits, we can call them if we ever have a problem – even an unusual one.

Marina Gelfen

8-10 years very happy customer always recomend Brody Brothers to all my friens thank you.

Betsy & George Hess

very satisfied with our technician. He was thorough and knowledgeable. Very helpful and pleasant.

Andrew & Debra Paladino

Approx 20 years Full service I like the prompt, helpful, courteous service that I ALWAYS get.

Laura Groseclose

I was supper appreciative and impressed with both technicians!!!! John was fabulous in the snake removal, sooooo thankful!! They both had a great sense of humor!!!

Jessica Lubek

I have been with Brody Brothers for 5.5 years. Ari has been coming to my home for all this time. He does a great job. I hardly ever have an issue. He keeps us pest free which isn’t easy living in the woods.

Larry Goldberg

Over 10 year. Service is always top notch. They are always on time and take care of any problems.

Morris & Greta Lasson

we have been using Brody Pest control for about 40 years! We were always very satisfied by their service,alrays on time and very pleasant and knowledgeable.

Eileen Rothouse

Excellent service ! Been using them for almost five years.

Michal Kovacs

We have been using Brody Brothers for around 5 years and we love that they are personal and they will keep coming back until a problem is resolved.

Mike & Debbye Ziman


Nancy Buswell

Been using Brody Bro’s for years for home and my business Everyone there is great.

Jane Stevens

About three years, I think. We have been very satisfied by their quick response to the problems that we experienced.

Valerie Duffy

We’ve been using Brody Brothers for a few years and are extremely happy with the service. Each and every technician is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Charlotte Beckenstein

Three or four years. Initial service call was for carpenter ants, but termites were discovered and subsequently treated. Now I do the annual termite inspection.

Joyce Fraiman

I have been using BB for over 4 years. I have the quarterly maintenance plan. They are always prompt and professional.

Cheryl White

Brody Brothers is the best exterminator that I know of. What sets them apart from the others is the fact that they will not only inspect your home when you have a problem with mice, but they actually seal up any openings mice could be using to enter your home. This results in eliminating the mice rather than just killing them, only to have an ongoing problem. All the employees that I have spoken to, or had come to my home, are professional and friendly. I highly recommend Brody Brothers.

Kim Heckstall

I have been using Brody Bros since 2009. I had a mouse and was terrified! Ari came out, found the hole, plugged it and never had a problem since! Since then we’ve had bees, ants, spiders, anytime I call they come right out and problem gone! Ari is professional, listens to my concerns and takes care of them. I love Brody Bros and have sent them several Referrals!

Roni & Eli Schlossberg

We’ve used them over 20 years. They are cordial, reliable and get the job done. We have quarterly inspections for bugs and we have a yearly termite check.

Jesse & Helen Mashbaum

Longtime customers. Good service, extremely knowledgeable staff, pleasant to deal with.

Glenn Resnick

I have been using Brody so long that I can’t remember. I mostly like how quick their response is and all the technician are great.

Jeff & Karen Blum

We have been using Brody Brothers for more than 10 years very satisfied with the service each time and if we call with a problem they always are able to send out a technician right away, The maintenace program is well worth the money we pay.

Barri & Jason Spitzer

Forever! Not sure exactly but I know its been over 14 year. we have the quarterly service.

Sean Barrett

I have been using Brody Brothers since April of 2016. I have found all of the technicians to be friendly and courteous. They are also very knowledgeable and they take pride in doing a thorough job. I highly recommend them to anyone that is having a pest problem.

Tara Rudo

Love them! Can’t say enough great things about their service, the technicians and their response time.

Harry & Rachel Spar

Been using Brody Bros for 5yrs. The technician was very knowledgable and informed us of problems we didn’t even know we had.

Bob & Beverly Lipsky

I have been using Brody Brothers about 42 years. They have the Best service and have negated our pest problems!

Karen Gronberg

The professionalism and kindness of the service techs has been impressive. There is not a single tech who has not provided exceptional service. I am always a pleased with the service I receive from Brody Brothers staff. Thank you for the attention and care you show to your customers.

David & Lisa Kleeman

I think we ave been using Brody for about 6 years. We initially called them because we were having a snake and spider issue, in around the house. They have been great about removing snakes and trying o keep them away. The spiders have disappeared for good!

Bnos Yisroel

Brody Brothers Pest Control have been absolutely amazing! They are courteous, professional and they totally know what they’re doing! All of our little critters are gone! Thank you Brody Brothers.

Leon Nelson

Thanks, but I don’t need suggestions. I am a satisfied customer! Brody came to my home, did an excellent inspection, and made some fine suggestions for improvement. I am with another pest control company but that may change in the coming Fall season. I believe in the quality of Brody Brothers work and look forward to working with them in the near future.

Isaac & Dina Steinharter

we’ve been with Brody Bros. for many years and have always received prompt service when needed. we also like the quarterly service that helps to prevent issues from happening.

Eileen Gerke

Brody Bros. takes pride in themselves, their expertise in their business, and in the technicians they hire to represent them. I would contact them again in a heartbeat – no one else – just them. Sincerely, Eileen Gerke – Office Manager at Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International.

David & Andi Berman

We have been using Brody Brothers for over 10 years. They are reliable, respectable, informative and very pleasant to deal with. I have recommended them to many of my friends.

Natarajan Ravendhran

more than three years.they are receptive,accommodative and understanding,.

David Ring

We have been using Brody Brothers for many years. They are always prompt, polite & knowledgeable. We first called because of ants. Since then, we’ve had no problems with ants or other pests.

Charlie Browne & Rodney Cook

Our technician, Bradley, is really excellent. He is thorough, professional, and polite. He always remembers from service to service what he did last time and what he needs to check on. We are most pleased.

Stacey Lebow

I have been using this company for years and would recommend to anyone I know. everyone is a pleasure to work with. I can get an appointment easily and in a timely manner.

Alice Wagner

I have been using brody brothers for several years, since purchasing my house in Baltimore City. They are by far the best and most dedicated pest control company I have ever had.

Aharon & Debbie Gibber

I’ve been using Brody pest control for at least 10 years. They come regularly and are quick to come if I need them for an emergency. They are very professional.

Annie Mclaughlin

We have a quarterly service. We love their prevention work and if something new sneaks in they respond very quickly.

Ms. Marian Potorti

We have used Brody for years where I work. They are prompt, friendly and effective!! When I called them to come to my home they were just as good!

M’Lissa Moss

We have been quarterly customers of BB for a few years. The service men are always polite and exceedingly pleasant people who are thorough and knowledgeable. They have kept our ant problem at bay.

Shoshana Guttman

awesome service and better yet, awesome results….who can ask for anything better??? Thx BRODY BROTHERS See you next time.

Gina Rosso

This was my first time using Brody Brothers – found them after all the glowing recommendations on Yelp. We had a yellow jacket nest in our attic. Tony was professional and friendly. He quickly found where the bees were coming into the house and sprayed to take care of the problem. It was an easy, good experience.

Lisa Nestle

This is our first experience with Brody Bros. They were friendly and professional on the phone when I made the appt. and John was even early and very polite. He explained what he found and how he would be treating the ants. He seemed very thorough and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Brody Bros. to others. Thank you!

Kristen Loveless

I’ve been using Brody Brothers for a little over a year and have been extremely satisfied. Customer oriented and consistently professional. I have recommended Brody Bros to several friends.

Ellen White

I am a new client of Brody Brothers. I am extremely pleased with their services and also of their prompt treatment of issues.

Mark Henderson

Consistently great service! Flexible and always on time.

Joy and Robert Ebaugh

Brody Brothers service has been super! All technicians have been friendly, professional, and reliable! Ari is usually our service person…great one!

Nancy Dietrich

My Technician, Aaron, was here for hours on a Thursday. That night I had my FIRST solid night’s sleep in weeks. Regardless of the number of questions I had, he patiently answered each of them. RATS spelled backwards is STAR…Aaron is my STAR man!

Susan & Richard Defelice

We have been using Brody Brother services for several years now. They always let us know when they will be coming so that they can service the inside as well as the outside when necessary.

Rabbi Yossi Brecher

They come as soon as they can and they are thorough and get the job done. Levi said i should include that he is good looking.

Ben & Carrie Waldbaum

We have been using the Brody brothers for many years. I have found them to be an easy company to work with who does quality work. I’m quite happy with my experience with them. Damon did an excellent job today. On his way out he even stopped by my neighbors lemonade stand And bought a cup of lemonade for $.25 from the children. That was above and beyond. They really appreciated it.

Eydie Siegel

I have been using Brody Brothers for about 5 years Always comes on time or next day when I have an issue. Reasonably priced!

Andre Walker

brody has rid my home of pest almost completely. i would recommend your company to my family and friends.

Barry Fields

Tony was great! My appointment was really just an informational opportunity to get an estimate and to understand the services you provide. I even threw a curveball at him. I told him my prior contract expired and I was calling around for prices. I asked why your prices, as a percentage, were significantly higher (they are) then the three other pest control providers that I called. I forget his exact answer to this one but Tony answered all my questions more than sufficiently and I signed up! Thanks Tony!

Rachel Karcher

We have been very impressed with the amazing customer service.

Esther Edelson

We’ve used them a few times for periodic insect sightings. They have good availability, are reliable, and are very polite and helpful.

Todd Byrd

Have been using Brody Brothers almost a year, we had a really bad ant problem in our house, and they have been putting a plan into action that has almost completely eliminated the problem.

Ann Martinelli

Tuesday was my first experience using Brody Brothers Pest Control. I searched the www for experienced companies in my area, read other reviews and I feel that I’ve made the best choice. Bradley was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about hornets and the removal of their nests. He explained step by step the removal process and treatment to prevent their return. He also took care of an old nest that was on the front eave as well and treated the area. I would recommend Brody Brothers for their knowledge of pest removal, customer service, and reasonable rates.

Mary Schriefer

About four months. The technicians have always been thorough, and answered any and all questions we had.

Harry Snydman

everything was fine.. no issues with service…

Anna Houck

The day they serviced my house was the best day of my life. I plan on naming my next child after the tech.

Danielle Gofstein

I am always happy with the expertise of the technicians.

Mike & Michele Cherry

We’ve been a Brody Bros. customer for over a year now. They are hands down the best pest control company we’ve ever used. Friendly and efficient. All service is with a smile. We haven’t seen a mouse since we moved in and they sealed all the cracks and crevices along the homes perimeter. That’s amazing considering that the house was vacant for about a year before we bought it and it was full of mouse feces!!

Harriet Robbins

Don’t recall exactly how long but it has been quite awhile. They are professional and responsive to my needs. I use them also for mosquito control.

Christopher Paternotte

Not quite a year, but So far So good. Happy with the service.

Connie Baker

This was my first time using Brody Brothers and I have already recommended your company to my neighbor. The technician was on time and knowledgable. We had ants in our house and now they are GONE!

Adam Langer

Technicians are friendly, professional, on time, and effective.

Roz & Howard Kurman

Been using Brody for about 20 years . Very efficient .

James Fariss

We have used Brody Brothers since we moved here – almost 10 years, and intend to continue to give them our business. It’s always easy to make (or change) appointments, and they are very reliable. We really like the printed report they give us with the names of the chemicals/products used. So far our biggest problem has been ants in the house. Now we have them treat the outside of the house in early summer, and we do not have ants coming into the house.

Maraizu Onyenaka

I have used their services for the last 2 years and they are excellent, thorough, professional and effective.

Kalen Baxter

They have done a great job. Just got rid of a snake in our shed.

Shantaul Morgan

Our house was being over ran with mice and a few short visits from Brody fixed our mice issues. I’m so grateful for their service because the mice terrified me. Also the technician were kind and took the time to explain what they did and why they did it when asked.

Sharon & Joe Bachman

We have been using Brody Brothers for at least 3-4 years. They are reliable. They come when there is a particular problem even if not seen at quarterly service. They are always pleasant and courteous.

Brian & Kristen Flank

Great experience as always. Mark addressed all concerns.

Lisa Astrin

I have been using Brody Brothers for over 5 years – I use them because we have a lot of ants in our neighborhood and all of my neighbors have ants but I can count on one finger how many I have seen and if I do see them Brody sends someone right out . The techs esp Ari are great! He even caught a burst pipe in our house before it causes major damage – and the customer service is not to be beaten- I highly recommend.

Matthew Mcclelan

First visit from the company and we are very happy with the results. Aaron was very professional and did a great job. Thanks.

Bridget Hubal

My landlord contracts this but been using little less than a year. Since they took over they’ve pretty much resolved all issues! Thanks!

Jeanne Weiner

I’ve been using Brody Brothers Pest Control for many years. The majority of visits have been performed by the same technician, so he knows our problem areas, and always checks those area with special attention. He is knowledgeable about all of the products he uses and keeps me informed of additional services the company offers, but is never pushing me into anything. Usually he does his service and leaves after explaining what he’s done. On a few occasions he has recommended additional things, but I know he’d only suggest something if he truly felt there was an issue. Trust him and this company 100%!

Frederick Bianco

New Customer that is looking forward to Brody Brothers Pest Control benefits. Bradley did a thorough and comprehensive inspection of my property and made appropriate recommendations.

Elizabeth Yarsky

I have been using Brody Brothers for several years. Everyone from the office staff to the technicians are knowledgeable, friendly and punctual. I would recommend them, highly.

Henry & Carol Rider

As always, your service is terrific. Everything was explained; service was polite and he took his time working on our problem. I would recommend you any time!

Carrie Moore

We’ve only been using the service for less than a year, but so far we are very satisfied.

Bonnie Blas

Had my first visit from Brody Brothers. They were very kind and courteous from the on call/appointment center to and through the home visit. They were also prompt when they were supposed to arrive.

Adrian Murphy

1 year Excellent service as always Would highly recommend to others.

Dr. Stephen Hameroff

I am very pleased with the brody brothers pest control.

Ann Brooks

We have called for Brody Bros. services twice. Both technicians have been exceptionally professional and thorough. I can’t recommend them enough.

Anita & Elliott King

Using the brothers for as long as I can remember. The control was mainly outside so I am never unhappy with the service I get. I did have 1 gigantic black spider in my kitchen last week and wished one of you were here!

Kevin Roberts

We used the Wildlife Service to remove a birds nest from Roof line behind the sufit. John was very prompt and helpful.

Christine Brown

This was our first time having Brody Brothers out to actually do a treatment (before that they just did an inspection for us). We had the ant treatment done. He sprayed outside and treated a few areas in the kitchen and one of our bathrooms. We noticed ants in our kitchen past the 5 day window we were told, but we haven’t noticed ants recently.

Ronald Kahn

Service appeared to be thorough and complete. Done with courtesy and full explanation of the work to be performed. Great experience. Fair price.

Weston Konishi

3 months on the quarterly plan. Service and professionalism are top notch!

Linda Posten

Brody Brothers has been very professional — arriving within the two-hour window and completing the services easily and with very welcome assurance that my pests will stay away!

Kerry Schriefer

We have used Brody Brothers for ant control for 3 years. They were great to work with, professional, and most importantly got rid of the ants!

What Our Clients Are Saying
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“I have been with Brody Brothers for 5.5 years. Ari has been coming to my home for all this time. He does a great job. I hardly ever have an issue. He keeps us pest free which isn't easy living in the woods.”

Jessica Lubek
Owings Mills, MD

“Over 10 year. Service is always top notch. They are always on time and take care of any problems.”

Larry Goldberg
Reisterstown, MD

“We have been using Brody Pest control for about 40 years! We were always very satisfied by their service,alrays on time and very pleasant and knowledgeable.”

Morris & Greta Lasson
Baltimore, MD

“We have been using Brody Brothers for around 5 years and we love that they are personal and they will keep coming back until a problem is resolved.”

Michal Kovacs
Pikesville, MD