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Snake Removal in Baltimore Maryland

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Getting Rid of Snakes in Your House and Yard

Slithering reptiles often strike fear into most people’s hearts, especially when they have made their way into our homes. Small children, house pets, and the elderly are all particularly vulnerable to snake venom or the infections that can result from a snakebite even from a non-venomous species. Even without the fangs, snakes are messy house guests – leaving trails of feces and musty pheromones around our homes, making themselves right at home inside of walls, crawlspaces, and in attics, and scaring the pants off unsuspecting homeowners who unwittingly cross their paths.

When you find yourself face-to-face with a snake inside your home, in most cases it’s best to leave it alone. Snake removal professionals can safely and efficiently expel the pest by the most prudent means possible and the method that’s best suited for the species/environment. Brody Brothers Pest Control technicians are trained in some of the industry’s best practices for safe and fast removal of these unwanted pests from your home. Our snake exterminators have the training and experience to handle even your worst snake infestation.

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As a Home Protection Plan customer, if you’re not satisfied with our pest control service, we will service your home at no additional cost until your issue is solved or receive your money back from your last scheduled service.

How Did Snakes Get Into My Home And Yard?

Snakes are constantly on the lookout for food sources and good spots to take shelter. When they find both an abundance of the foods they like such as mice, insects, and frogs, coupled with a secure, cozy spot to curl up, they are likely to move right in. Unfortunately, this environment describes most Marylanders’ backyards and home sites. Several factors that would encourage a snake to enter your property could include if your yard is overgrown, if you live close to wooded areas or wetlands, or if you have stacks of wood/debris around your home. Removing debris and wood stacks from near your home is a good way to provide a buffer for snakes, as well as other pests. Snakes are not all that picky: If the environment offers some degree of protection from the elements and they can find a good food source nearby, they will take up residence just about anywhere.

Small snakes can easily crawl through the many small gaps that exist in a typical home. Continued and conscientious home maintenance is key and the trained snake exterminators of Brody Brothers Pest Control know the special areas to pay close attention to. Even small openings around windows and doors can be an easy entranceway for a small snake. Holes in your attic’s ventilation screens and unsealed crawl spaces also make good points of ingress. If your house has limbs or branches that touch the roof, it’s a good idea to trim these back. While snakes can’t jump, they are terrific climbers and will use the branches as a quick way to get to a good spot to hole up. Our highly trained technicians will help educate you on the best ways to seal your home’s open spaces and other entryways so that snakes don’t continue to use them as a way to get into your home.

What Is Brody Brothers Snake Removal Process?

At Brody Brothers, we deploy an integrated management approach (IMA) to responding to current crises and preventing future pest problems. For immediate response, our snake removal experts will make sure the snake is safely contained so that it can be captured. Depending on the variety of snake, several methods for safely and humanely capturing the snake can be used.

Active capture requires physically grabbing the snake and containing them for removal. This is usually done with specialized snake tongs that allow for a good, firm grip on the snake to be maintained while not actually harming the snake during the capture.

Passive measures for snake capture include deploying any number of a variety of different traps designed for the species most likely to be in a particular area. Passive traps can be located along likely snake ingress and egress points such as next to a woodpile or along the sides of the home. When a snakeskin has been found, this is a good indication for snake traffic along the route and would be a good location for a passive snake trap.

DIY Assistance: If you have a snake inside your home and can safely corral the snake in a room, shut the door and seal the bottom with a rolled towel. Trying to determine non-venomous versus venomous species can be difficult even for a trained professional, so you should never assume the snake in your home isn’t poisonous.

Instead of taking chances, call a qualified snake catcher from Brody Brothers Pest Control. We’ll ensure the snake is effectively removed from the home and defensive measures are taken to prevent future intrusion.

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Do You Offer Snake Removal Near Me?

Brody Brothers Pest Control serves a wide range of counties in Baltimore, MD & Montgomery County as well as the surrounding areas. We’ve also recently expanded our service area with new facilities to serve an even greater part of the state we love.

Please note: We currently only service exterior snakes. For wildlife issues in your home, please contact DNR