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Tick Control in Baltimore, MD

Often found near wooded areas, ticks can be a pain to get rid of if they enter the home. As a creature that needs a host, usually mammals, they can latch on to household pets, children, and adult family members. But, where do they come from? And, how do they reproduce causing infestation?

There are four stages in a tick’s lifecycle – egg, larval, nymphal, and adult. They consume blood from the mammals they latch on to during every stage of their life. If they latch on and consume blood from someone or something with a disease, they can easy pass it on to the next victim. This is why ticks are dangerous to humans and household pets—and if a tick is discovered inside the home, it’s best to take action fast!

If you’ve noticed a tick in your Maryland home, contact the experts at Brody Brothers Pest Control. When it comes to common pests, we’ve seen it all. Our team as the experience and resources necessary to eliminate nasty ticks from your home, so your family and your pets can live comfortably and safely.

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How Ticks Get Inside the Home

Ticks can enter the home a number of ways. Here are a few of the most common.

Children & Household Pets

Ticks get inside homes by hitchhiking inside on pets, family members, or guests. They can perch upon the skin of any mammal, or they can simply latch on to your sweater or t-shirt. If your children or your pets have been playing outside, it’s always best to inspect them for ticks before they reenter the home.

Other Creatures & Pests

Ticks can become a problem if there are suitable tick hosts living in the crawl space or attic. If your home has a friendly squirrel living in the attic or an unfriendly mouse snooping around the garage, it could be carrying harmful ticks into your living space.

On Their Own

Some species of ticks do not require a host to survive, yet they still seek out hosts for food. These types, including soft ticks and brown dog ticks, tend to survive and reproduce well inside. Although, if your home is well-built, it is unlikely they will find a way in without catching a ride on your clothing, shoes, or person.

Tick Control & Removal Process

First, if you find a tick on your children, pets, or yourself, it needs to be removed with great care to reduce the chance of infection. Use tweezers or a similar tool to carefully remove the tick from the skin, careful to not crush it in the process. Crushing it may further expose bite victims to harmful bacteria and diseases. Once removed, isolate the specimen inside a bottle with a lid.

Since pets are the most likely to bring ticks into the home, regular pet inspections are recommended to reduce the chance of your pet contracting a tick-borne illness.

If you have questions about ticks and you are located in the Baltimore area, contact the team at Brody Brothers Pest Control. We can help you find a solution to your tick problem!

Tick Control & Removal in Maryland

If you think ticks have begun to reproduce in your Maryland home, or you have questions about how to remove a tick from your child or your pets, the team at Brody Brothers can help out. We are a top pest control company serving Baltimore, Howard, and Carroll County—call us today at ​443-379-8857!

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